Meeting With Taiwanese President Successful, Chinese Threats Remain

( – The bipartisan meeting to welcome the President of Taiwan to California on April 5, 2023, was a success, and ties between the United States and Taiwan were indeed celebrated and reinforced, which was the goal of the gathering.

Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, organized the meeting, joined by Montana Republican Representative Ryan Zinke and Democratic Representative Pete Aguilar of California. Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, agreed with the American politicians that both Taiwan and the United States are in risky positions with regard to China. There are issues of manufacturing and natural resources in which China has the stronger edge, which could easily become detrimental to American and Taiwanese economies and their respective citizens. Coming together to unilaterally discuss plans to handle the Chinese threats, both explicit and implied, is intended to proactively lessen similar vulnerable positions and hopefully support a trade increase that would benefit both countries.

Representative Zinke stressed that he would like to see the Biden Administration beefing up its official defense regarding Taiwan, reiterating that the issues at stake are national security, freedom and economic advancements, subjects entirely above party politics and more important than political persuasions. Zinke focused on the necessity of holding China accountable for peace rather than indicating a looming military conflict with the Communist giant. He also made it clear that China contributes to a majority of the world’s water pollution, severely affecting fishing industries in the Pacific.

Standing with Taiwan and its vulnerable economy, Zinke indicated that China should be held accountable for its actions. Large companies like Nike and Patagonia have moved production to China, and Zinke insists that they should bring their operations back to American soil to reduce reliance on the superpower and reduce its misuse of the environment.

China has been courting former allies of Taiwan, and President Tsai Ing-wen will continue her travels to Guatemala and Belize to continue raising support for the island nation.

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