Mexican Officials Aid the U.S. In Nabbing Bank Robbery Suspect

( — Mexican authorities aided the United States in capturing multiple men suspected of robbing a bank in Arizona before fleeing across the southern United States border. So far, all three men suspected of robbing the bank in Nogales, Arizona, are in police custody.

The suspect in question is Franciso Javier Romo-Angulo, who demanded $45,000 from a bank teller before fleeing into Mexico just minutes following the robbery. Romo-Angulo crossed the border quickly due to Nogales being a shared town between Mexico and the United States, allowing him to escape local authorities rapidly.

Romo-Angulo and the other two suspects were seen on camera crossing the border into the United States approximately a half hour before the robbery. The men split up after the robbery, with the other two suspects being captured simultaneously. Romo-Angulo avoided capture for days after the robbery but was apprehended and returned to the United States after Mexican authorities aided in the international search.

Romo-Angulo is believed to be the primary perpetrator of the robbery, as he threatened to shoot the teller if they didn’t comply with his demands. Following the robbery, Romo-Angulo left the area in a vehicle, which authorities found soon after. Upon further inspection, the police discovered that Romo-Angulo wasn’t in the car. Following his initial escape from the police, officials from the United States contacted Mexican authorities, requesting their assistance in finding Romo-Angulo. The authorities quickly found Romo-Angulo on the southern side of Nogales and turned him over to the United States.

Romo-Angulo isn’t the only person accused of the robbery, as he was aided by two other men, Stephen Patrick Bacon and Mark Smith. All three men will face charges for bank robbery, a federal offense punishable by decades in prison. The involvement of Smith is unknown, but Bacon faces a bank robbery conspiracy charge for his role as the getaway driver.

Bacon drove the vehicle that authorities investigated while searching for Romo-Angulo and refused to cooperate with authorities. According to Romo-Angulo’s statement to federal officers, Bacon and Smith convinced him to rob the bank, and each took half of the money before dropping him off near the Nogales border. Despite his claims of innocence, Romo-Angulo will likely stand trial for the robbery. The dramatic robbery resulted in no casualties but remains another example of the growing crime rate around the southern border, a contentious issue for many citizens across the United States.

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