More Books Than Ever Before Became The Focus Of Censorship In 2023

( — The American Library Association recently released data from 2023 about the growing book censorship rate in the United States. There was a 65% increase in books selected for censorship at various schools across the country, marking a new record amount of censored books for the American Library Association. According to the association’s data, various schools and public libraries selected more than 4,000 books for censorship in 2023. The shocking statistic saw an increase in censorship for more than 1,200 titles, raising concerns about censorship amongst American citizens.

Various school officials and library employees have addressed the growing demand for censorship, which many citizens view as limiting education opportunities or cognitive development for younger children. Among the various topics commonly censored in school districts or local libraries are books related to the nationwide LGBTQ+ movement, which many conservative parents feel are inappropriate for children. Despite the argument against books deemed “inappropriate,” classical books have also seen a disproportionate increase in censorship.

The most popular titles targeted for censorship are To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, and Animal Farm. The primary justification for banning these controversial books is the political message ingrained within them, which many parents and conservative school officials feel shouldn’t be addressed during a child’s education. While many people advocating for increased censorship are pushing schools to ban various books, libraries are the primary target for literature censorship.

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom released a statement about the growing censorship movement, calling on American citizens to resist calls for limiting literature and protecting readers’ right to choose whatever literature they want to read. The office’s director, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, said that various librarians and teachers are sharing information about censorship, indicating the trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

Despite the association’s data about the growing censorship rates, lawmakers in various states are pushing legislation that would further restrict the literature that appears in libraries or schools. According to the American Library Association, lawmakers are particularly interested in censoring material related to gender identity or sexual orientation, as approximately half of the books facing potential bans cover subjects related to sexuality or transgender topics. Despite lawmakers’ claims about these controversial topics, Caldwell-Stone claims that every censorship measure approved by states is another limitation on Americans’ constitutional rights.

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