More Than 15 Dead After Shooter Targets Bowling Alley

( — An Army reserve member killed at least 18 people and injured many more during two mass shootings in a bar and bowling alley, prompting a manhunt spanning several states.

According to authorities, the shooter was Robert Card, an army reservist and firearm instructor with a history of mental illness and violent threats involving gun violence. Police discovered Card’s body after the rampage in a recycling center where he was employed; he had taken his own life.

The shootings occurred in Maine, and while Card was still on the run from authorities, officials and citizens across Maine feared Card would carry out additional shootings. Police searched for Card in Maine and the surrounding region, and members of Canada’s border patrol searched the northern United States border for any sign of Card escaping the country. Card had not been seen by anyone following the shooting.

In response to the tragedy, President Joe Biden ordered all flags in the United States to be flown at half-staff in a show of solidarity for the citizens of Maine.

According to some reports, Card killed as many as 22 people during the shooting and injured 50 others. Reports conflict, and accurate numbers are not available.

The shooting occurred in two different locations: a bowling alley and a nearby bar. A children’s bowling league was present during Card’s attack on the bowling alley, but any child deaths were not confirmed. Card’s rampage went down in Lewiston, Maine, at approximately 7:00 p.m. Wednesday. Police found a vehicle they believe belonged to Card’s in Lisbon, eight miles from Lewiston. While Card was still thought to be at large, authorities in Maine assured the public and claimed that hundreds of officers were actively searching for the killer. President Biden spoke to officials in Maine and promised the federal government would assist in finding Card.

According to reports, Card experienced severe mental health issues before the shooting, claiming to hear voices encouraging him to commit violent acts against others. A US Army spokesman said Card’s behavior became erratic in July, prompting the military to have Card involuntarily committed. Card’s cousin also claims the shooter had schizophrenia.

Police found Card’s body on Friday evening, October 27th, dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. More details about Robert Card’s potential motives will follow in the coming days.

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