Morris Predicts Trump Will Win GOP Support on Super Tuesday

( — Political analyst Dick Morris has told Newsmax that he believes Donald Trump will win the GOP’s support on Super Tuesday when almost half of the Republican delegates will be up for grabs. Morris believes that Trump will secure around forty percent of the GOP’s support on Super Tuesday, which could guarantee Trump’s spot as the 2024 Republican candidate.

Morris’ claims come just days after Trump’s latest polling performance, in which he clamed a staggering support base of eighty-six percent. Trump has consistently performed well in various polls regarding next year’s election, maintaining a double-digit lead over other GOP hopefuls like Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott. Trump’s popularity has surpassed President Joe Biden’s in polls, prompting Democrats to consider using a different candidate to go against Trump. Despite these concerns, Biden has confirmed his intent to run for re-election and will probably be the Democrat nominee for 2024.

According to a Premise poll, Trump would beat Joe Biden in the election, but Ron DeSantis would not. The poll indicates that 42% of unregistered voters would support Trump if he secured the Republican nomination, with only 37% stating that they would vote for Biden. Only 33% of those polled would vote for Ron DeSantis, the second most popular GOP candidate running in next year’s election. DeSantis’ popularity has been in decline for weeks, with some donors even meeting with DeSantis to discuss how he intends to move forward. Trump, by comparison, has consistently gained support over the past few months from independent voters and Republicans alike.

Trump has already begun planning out his next term in office, even stating that some of the other GOP hopefuls would make for excellent cabinet picks. Among the names Trump listed is Tim Scott, who Trump acknowledged as a “good guy” in an interview. While Trump still has to secure the nomination and win the election to decide on a cabinet, it would seem some GOP candidates could still end up in the White House without the nomination. Trump hasn’t commented on his running mate yet, raising questions about whether he could tap one of his competitors such as Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley, to run alongside him in next year’s election.

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