Moscow Concert Hall Attack Has Resulted In 133 Deaths And At Least 145 Injuries

( — A group of gunmen attacked a Moscow concert hall last week, resulting in 133 deaths and approximately 145 injuries in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the country’s history. Moscow’s governor released a statement the day after the mass shooting, confirming that medical personnel had called off the search for any additional victims or survivors still trapped in the concert hall.

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, also addressed the mass shooting and confirmed that Russian authorities had arrested the four gunmen who perpetrated the shooting, along with seven additional potential accomplices.

The four gunmen responsible for the shooting used automatic firearms to shoot concertgoers at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, which serves as a popular entertainment spot for Russian citizens. The shooting unfolded during a rock concert by Piknik, a famous Russian rock band with millions of fans. During the shooting, the gunmen set the concert hall on fire, causing more than 100 deaths from gunfire, burning, and smoke inhalation.

During his address, Putin confirmed that Russian forces are still working to identify anyone who took part in the shooting and promised the Russian people that everyone involved would face dire consequences. While Russian intelligence officials haven’t confirmed the identities of the four gunmen, they did confirm that each of the shooters originated from other countries.

United States intelligence corroborates Russia’s findings, as US intelligence officials believe one of the Islamic State’s allied groups committed the heinous shooting. United States officials claim the Islamic State affiliate ISIS-K committed the shooting, as the group claimed responsibility for the attack in a televised broadcast.

According to United States officials, the group responsible for the concert hall shooting is headquartered in Afghanistan, which shared a border with the Soviet Union before it collapsed in the 1990s. The United States intelligence officials also claimed they had information about an upcoming attack within Moscow and informed Russia about a potential terrorist threat, a warning that went unheeded. The United States Embassy in Russia advised American citizens within the country about a possible attack and encouraged caution amongst traveling Americans.

Although sources indicate that ISIS and its allies are responsible for the concert hall mass shooting, Russian officials aren’t convinced and are instead adamant that Ukraine could’ve been involved in the terrorist attack. Putin is among the officials claiming Ukraine had some involvement with the attack, citing the gunmen’s failed attempt at fleeing over the Ukrainian border as evidence of collaboration between the gunmen and Ukrainian officials.

Ukrainian officials have denied involvement in the attack and claim that Putin wants to use the attack as justification for the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Some military experts believe Russia could begin using more powerful weaponry against Ukraine due to Putin’s claims of Ukrainian involvement, but so far, any planned retaliatory strikes haven’t been discussed.

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