Mother Demands Classmates’ Expulsion After Allergy Prank

( — The mother of a 15-year-old Texas high schooler wants her son’s tormentors expelled from school after they deliberately put peanuts in his locker, despite knowing the boy had a life-threatening allergy to the nuts.

Carter Mannon, a 15-year-old football player at Lake Travis High School in Travis County, Texas, says most of his teammates were aware of his dangerous peanut allergy. However, the topic came up in a recent discussion with several who were not aware of it after Mannon mentioned he could not go into any of the Texas Roadhouse chain restaurants because of their ubiquitous snacking peanuts. Carter says the students questioned him about the severity of his allergies, even asking whether peanuts on his uniform or cleats could kill him.

He says this conversation took place on October 5th, as the very next day the same teammates who had asked him about his allergies were flicking peanuts at him in the locker room, and when he retrieved his cleats and jersey from the locker, peanuts shook free of the clothing.

Although Mannon immediately washed up and his coach provided him with a fresh uniform and cleats so he could still play that day, his arms were already covered with hives. He said that upon reaching the indoor playing field, he could see one of the students who had asked about his allergies showing off a video of his fellow malicious prankster putting the deadly allergens into Carter’s locker and bragging about what they had done to him.

The superintendent of the Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD), Paul Norton, sent a letter home to students and families about the incident and indicated that it had been reported to the Lake Travis ISD police department, a community police department that works specifically with the school district.

According to Norton, the involved students have already faced consequences for their actions but declined to elaborate due to federal privacy laws. Some community parents, including the Mannons, believe the punishments were minimal, possibly consisting of running laps, temporarily being benched for two football games, and two-week suspensions.

At a school board meeting on November 15, many parents challenged the school on the disciplinary decisions, carrying signs about dangerous allergies and calling for the two students involved to be expelled. Carter’s mother, Shawna Mannon, says her son has experienced backlash at school since the alleged prank. In the meantime, the LTISD Police say they have finished their investigation and have passed their report onto the local DA to be reviewed.

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