MTG Brings Articles Of Impeachment Against FBI Director

( — Representative Majorie Taylor Greene has recently announced her intention to bring articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray. The articles of impeachment accuse Wray of various wrongdoings, including a failure to uphold his oath and a failure to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Greene noted the FBI’s supposed mistreatment of US citizens that are “enemies of the Biden regime” and accused the FBI of being a personal police force for the President and Attorney General. Whether or not the articles of impeachment will come to pass remains unknown, as even if the House agreed it would still have to be passed in the Senate, which remains an extremely unlikely outcome.

Greene’s decision to introduce articles of impeachment is hardly a surprise, and comes just days after the release of the long-anticipated Durham Report. The report was overtly critical of how the FBI handled its investigation into Donald Trump, over allegations that he was colluding with Russia during his first presidential campaign and time in office. It appears as though the FBI acted on inaccurate and unreliable information, and even surveilled Donald Trump despite knowing that he was most likely not operating with the intent of providing intel to a foreign entity. This kind of improper FBI handling is what Majorie Taylor Greene seems to be outlining in her articles of impeachment, with the FBI continuing to act in a manner that aligns with the Biden Administration’s interests.

Yet another potential source of contention between Majorie Taylor Greene and the FBI is the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden, which an IRS whistleblower was recently removed from. Hunter Biden is currently subject to multiple ongoing legal cases, including an investigation into his taxes and a handgun purchase in which Hunter Biden lied about various details, which is a federal offense. Despite the fact that this information is readily available to the public, it seems unlikely that any legal ramifications will take place. Majorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to impeach the FBI’s Director seems unlikely to succeed, and will only showcase the growing disenfranchisement of US citizens in regards to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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