Multiple State And Women’s Organizations Sue Biden Over Title IX Amendments

( — In a new ruling out of the White House, drastic changes are slated to take effect regarding title IX on August 1.

While the original legislation was intended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, the Biden administration has vastly widened its scope. It now includes discrimination based on “sex stereotypes”, as well as sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, gender identity, and pregnancy. Many of these categories are vague, subjective, or temporary.

Director of Constitutional Studies at the Manhattan Institute, Ilya Shapiro, believes that the lawsuits that have been filed against the Biden administration regarding the Title IX changes could succeed. He says that the redefinitions and expansions may constitute serious legal issues. Originally meant to protect women from sex-based discrimination, it now includes compelled speech and potential harm to women and children. Federal funding for schools would be dependent on adherence to the new Title IX rules.

Florida and Oklahoma have both indicated that they reject the newly reimagined title IX. Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, has called the changes illegal and unconstitutional. Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has accused Biden of abusing his “constitutional authority”. DeSantis has indicated he will be launching a lawsuit, which is supported by other states, including Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

One objection many of the lawsuits have mentioned is that the changes would require all schools to allow male students to compete against female students in sport if they wished to. It would also mandate that schools have mixed-sex restrooms and locker rooms, as they would be dependent on self-identification, not biological sex.

There is the implication of legal penalties for “misgendering” a trans-identified person. Misgendering refers to a person either purposefully or accidentally referring to someone with a name or pronoun they don’t identify with. Names and pronouns can be changed at will, and accusations of sexual harassment on this basis could include innocent strangers. Many have characterized this as government-enforced, compelled speech. Polling has suggested that there is not wide support for these changes, which has some Democrats concerned about the upcoming elections.

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