Netanyahu Furious With ICC For Seeking His Arrest

( — The International Criminal Court (ICC) has weighed in on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. One of the court’s chief prosecutors requested that the ICC file a warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister, Yoav Gallant. Netanyahu briefly addressed Khan’s warrant requests during a public statement, where he expressed outrage over the request and criticized the ICC for the controversial legal procedure.

According to ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan, Netanyahu and Gallant have facilitated war crimes against Palestinians during the Israel-Hamas war, and the ICC should have both Israeli officials arrested for the alleged human rights violations. Khan also requested warrants for multiple Hamas leaders, including its military commander, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Al-Masri, and its political leader, Ismail Haniyeh. Khan claimed that both Hamas and Israel have violated human rights and killed civilians intentionally during their conflict and promised to hold both parties accountable.

Netanyahu quickly dismissed Khan’s comparison to Hamas and criticized the chief ICC prosecutor for the warrant request before claiming the ICC lacked any jurisdiction over Israel. Netanyahu also claimed that Khan’s decision to seek warrants was absurd and would establish a dangerous precedent, as it would allow the ICC to pursue the arrest of world leaders whose countries are fighting a terrorist organization, such as the United States. Gallant echoed Netanyahu’s criticisms and said that Khan’s warrant requests would fail.

Gallant also discredited Khan’s accusations of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) violating human rights in its conflict with Hamas. According to Gallant, the IDF strictly adheres to international treaties that outline prohibited military actions and does not seek civilian deaths. Gallant said that the IDF also provides humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians caught in the conflict but failed to elaborate on how the IDF offers assistance to the civilians living in Hamas territory.

Other nations, including the United States and Belgium, acknowledged Khan’s requests following the controversial warrant applications. According to United States President Joe Biden, the United States is a firm ally of Israel, and Khan’s accusations lacked merit. Belgium’s foreign minister, Hadja Lahbib, said that other countries should hold any nation that commits war crimes responsible, regardless of political alliances. Germany also expressed its support for Khan’s request but clarified that it didn’t believe Israel and Hamas had acted comparably.

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