New Advertisement Says Trump Will Secure US Border Again

( — According to a new ad by Make America Great Again Incorporated, Donald Trump will secure the southern border if he wins the upcoming presidential election. During his initial term as president, Trump’s policies regarding the US-Mexico border drew heavy criticism from both sides, especially the proposed “wall” that would separate the two nations.

Trump campaigned on border security during his initial presidential campaign in 2016 and claimed that maintaining international security at the southern border is extremely important. Since President Joe Biden took office, the Trump-era policies regarding the border haven’t been active, creating a surge of immigration that is ongoing. Many officials believe Biden’s lack of interest in maintaining the southern border is a liability, as many voters feel that international security is a top issue in the upcoming election.

The ad also claims that Trump will destroy drug cartels like he destroyed ISIS while serving as president, echoing other Republican candidates’ beliefs that the government should classify cartels as terrorist organizations and subject them to military responses such as drone strikes. Trump isn’t the only candidate suggesting policy changes regarding border integrity. Still, his campaign will likely focus on the southern United States border, as it remains a massive failure of the Biden Administration in the eyes of many voters.

The ongoing immigration crisis is a focus of many officials within Texas, one of whom switched parties due to the Democratic Party’s official platform regarding immigration. Kira Talip Sanchez, a county attorney along the Texas-Mexico border, confirmed her intention to switch parties from Democrat to Republican. Sanchez claims that the GOP’s policies regarding the southern border are more effective and align with the desires of her county’s residents. Sanchez’s switch from the Democratic Party coincides with a trend in Texas, as many Democratic voters are switching to Republicans, likely due to the immigration crisis.

Trump confirmed that his administration will heavily focus on securing the southern border through a comprehensive program upon winning the upcoming election. Trump’s position on the US-Mexico border draws heavy criticism from Democrats, who believe that his proposed policies border on xenophobia. Trump denies these claims and maintains that he simply desires to provide security and integrity to the southern United States.

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