Newsom Makes Move That Has 2024 Rumors Swirling 

( — California Governor Gavin Newsom has been making numerous public appearances recently, sparking rumors that he could be gearing up for his own campaign during the 2024 election. Newsom’s public appearances typically involve him criticizing Republican officials like Ron DeSantis, calling out areas that he feels they’ve failed in.

Newsom took aim at Texas Governor Greg Abbott over Texas’ gun control laws, insinuating that Abbott’s pro 2nd Amendment policies have enabled tragedies to occur. Newsom has also been trading blows with Florida Governor DeSantis in recent weeks, going so far as to challenge DeSantis to a televised debate. Despite these various public outings, Newsom hasn’t announced any official presidential campaign, and has publicly stated that he supports Joe Biden’s re-election efforts. Newsom even did some fundraising for Biden’s campaign when it was initially announced. Although Newsom might not intend to run in the upcoming election, many officials have stated that they believe he intends to run for president sometime in the future.

DeSantis shot back at Newsom over the various criticisms the California Governor has made regarding the Sunshine State. DeSantis went so far as to tell Newsom to run for president openly, rather than operate a shadow campaign, and mentioned that Newsom has “plenty of issues” in his home state. These include a rising crime rate as well as a mass immigration to other states by its citizens. Despite these in-state troubles it would seem Newsom is more keen on focusing on the flaws of other states, rather than the issues within his own.

Newsom is an unlikely candidate for the 2024 election, but he could be bolstering his reputation should something happen that prevents Biden from successfully running for re-election. Despite what most citizens see as clear evidence that President Biden is suffering from dementia, Newsom said he believes Biden is cognitively strong enough to be elected. Despite his apparent support for the Democratic Party’s likely nominee, it seems almost certain that Newsom will be running for the position of chief executive sometime in the future.

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