Newsom Wants To Add a 28th Amendment

( — California Governor Gavin Newsom has made headlines recently after he announced his desire to add another amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment in question pertains to gun ownership, and would add various stipulations for citizens who seek to purchase or own a firearm. Among Newsom’s proposed policies would be a minimum age increase from 18 to 21, mandatory universal background checks, institute longer waiting periods, and ban the ownership of so-called “assault weapons.” Newsom has been incredibly vocal about his support of limiting 2nd Amendment rights in the past, so his proposed amendment hardly comes as a surprise. Newsom is often seen discussing the most recent shooting or tragedy to occur within the nation, but conveniently neglects to mention the growing gun violence in his own state, which has skyrocketed under his leadership.

Newsom’s proposed amendment comes after various wins for gun rights activists within the Supreme Court, and other courts across the nation. Newsom announced his proposed amendment in a video release, and claimed that his proposed policy changes would be considered “common sense” to the average U.S. citizen. Despite Newsom’s claims about wanting to champion new policies related to gun control, such a move is incredibly unlikely to pass into law given the Republican majority within the House of Representatives. Newsom is likely using his anti-2nd Amendment stance to bolster his own popularity within liberal demographics, given his various failings while serving as The Golden State’s governor.

Newsom has even drawn the ire of his primary demographic within his own state recently, primarily due to his intention to cut funds for public transport. Such a policy is the latest example of Newsom’s primary leadership strategy, short term solutions for long term problems. Newsom has also conveniently ignored the growing violence and crime within his state in favor of criticizing other states like Texas. While Newsom’s proposed amendment is incredibly unlikely to actually gain traction, it seems as though citizens can expect to hear more policy suggestions for the controversial governor.

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