No Hard Evidence Iran Helped Fund Hamas

( — The militant group Hamas attacked Israel over the past weekend, prompting some to speculate that an outside party funded the armed extremists. Among the potential suspects accused of financing Hamas’ sudden invasion of Israel is the country of Iran, which recently received billions in unfrozen assets from the United States in the highly controversial hostage deal.

Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, celebrated the attack and claimed that Hamas won a significant victory by invading Israel following the attack. Despite Iran’s outspoken support of Hamas in the past, a spokesperson for Iran claims that Iran has no connection with the attack on Israel. Officials from Israel immediately accused Iran of being involved in the ongoing conflict following the attack, prompting Iran to deny any involvement. Iran claims the attack results from Israel’s failure to provide adequate national security, despite Israel possessing some of the planet’s most in-depth threat detection equipment. Although Iran denies involvement with the attack, many believe the longtime ally of Hamas used the recently unfrozen assets to fund an invasion of its longtime enemy, Israel.

Although officials connected to the United States’ national security believe that Iran is complicit in the attack on Israel, a direct link between Hamas and Iran regarding the attack isn’t available. Although a direct connection between Iran and the ongoing conflict isn’t present, Iran is a longtime ally of Hamas and has aided the militant group numerous times over the past few decades. Iran also regularly provides Hamas with financial support annually, estimated to be approximately $100 million per year. In recent years, the alliance between Iran and Hamas has weakened, but despite this deterioration, Iran regularly provides Hamas with millions of dollars for unknown purposes.

Intelligence officials from across the globe claim that Iran provided weapons and training to Hamas and even helped plot the attack against Israel. Speculation about Iran’s involvement is mounting, as Iran’s outspoken support of the invasion and regular financial contributions to Hamas indicate deeper involvement. Other nations, like the United States, are investigating the attack’s origin to find a deeper connection with Iran and believe more information regarding the connection between Iran and Hamas will be uncovered.

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