North Carolina State Representative Switches Parties

( – As political parties evolve and America examines the divisional politics that span the landscape of the country, one North Carolina lawmaker has decided to make a change and join the GOP. Former Democrat, State Representative Tricia Cotham, has announced that she has left her party and joined the Republican side of the legislature.

Cotham held a press conference to explain that the Democratic Party has changed within her home state and become an entity that she can not continue to support. She referred to what she described as an intensely controlling party, not accepting of individual thought or values. She has been criticized by her former party for flying the American flag, and for using the prayer hands emoji when making posts on social media. Democrats voiced their opinions on Twitter, attacking Cotham as well as her family, including her children. Cotham attested that citizens who side with the Democratic party have yelled obscenities at her as she shops in local businesses in the Charlotte area, the District she represents. Cotham said that she would not be forced to act in any certain way by any party, and that her values left her no other choice than to switch parties.

Before entering politics, Cotham was a teacher and assistant principal, and she ran for her seat to improve the school system, to increase access to affordable healthcare, and to grow the economy of her home state. Cotham’s switch gives the GOP a majority in North Carolina’s legislature, a move that has Democrats complaining that she should have simply resigned her seat because she ran her election on Democratic agendas.

When asked how she would weigh in on key issues, Cotham walked a careful line and declined to commit her vote either way. Republican leaders have welcomed Cotham with open arms and are looking forward to working with Cotham, who they regard as a hard worker who leaves a positive impact.

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