NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants To Revoke City’s Sanctuary Status

( — The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, recently made headlines when announcing that he would be requesting a judge to revisit the sanctuary city policy. The policy in question would provide asylum to immigrants who arrive in the U.S. illegally, and would prevent city police from cooperating with members of ICE. Eric Adams was a champion of the policy initially, but has since changed his stance following the massive amount of immigrants that are arriving in New York City. As a result of the sanctuary city status, immigrants are being housed in various hotels, forcing citizens to have their reservations canceled in favor of illegal immigrants. Eric Adams’ statement is the latest development within New York’s stance on illegal immigration, and directly contradicts his stance from just a year ago.

Adams was initially supportive of the sanctuary city status that New York held just last year, but quickly changed his tune whenever Texas Governor Greg Abbott started having immigrants brought to NYC via bus. After his city began to be directly impacted by the growing immigration crisis, Adams was suddenly against the idea of having large amounts of illegal immigrants carted to his city. It appears as though Adams is all in favor of supporting immigrants unless the cost of housing them falls upon him. Adams has been in the national spotlight constantly due to his flip-flopping stances on immigration, and is now even embroiled in a legal case as a result.

Adams is being sued by Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus, who cites the housing of migrants as a “public safety issue.” Neuhaus is also frustrated at Adams’ treatment of veterans, who were booted out of hotels to make room for the illegal immigrants that Adams wanted to house. The lawsuit comes just weeks after over 60,000 immigrants arrived in New York before the end of Title 42. While the immigration crisis is ongoing, it’s clear that some politicians aren’t committing to their belief in the “sanctuary city” status they claimed to support.

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