People Say John Fetterman Is OK Because Of The Way He Dresses

( — Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s health recently was the focus of an AP report, in which they claimed his dress attire was evidence of his improving mental health. Fetterman’s attire has constantly been the subject of criticism, given how he wears gym shorts and hoodies in public appearances. Many feel as though he looks unprofessional, and his casual clothing reflects a sense of apathy towards the office he now holds. The AP provided a different take on his appearance, stating that the clothing indicates he’s happy, and that the usual formal attire helped contribute to the clinical depression that Fetterman recently received treatment for. To his credit Fetterman still dresses formally when working in committee or chairing the Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics, and Research.

Although Fetterman has plenty of supporters who claim that his dress code is the only real considerable criticism leveled against the senator, many feel more concerned about his current mental state. Fetterman recently took a leave of absence from the Senate to receive treatment for his clinical depression, raising questions from many about whether or not the senator was mentally present enough to maintain his position in the legislative body. While Fetterman’s depression is cause for concern for many, yet another key health issue that many identify with the senator is his mental facilities, which could have suffered following his near fatal stroke just last year.

Fetterman was still recovering from his stroke earlier this year, with Congress having to accommodate for his declining health. Fetterman’s stroke was almost fatal, and has seemingly left him less capable since his recovery. Fetterman is now often seen stumbling, and relying heavily on cue cards in his public appearance. Because of this, Fetterman has recently faced doubts as to whether or not he is capable of remaining in office. Despite his performance suffering as of late Fetterman is adamant that he’ll maintain his position, allowing the Democrats to retain their majority in the US Senate.

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