Per a Recent Survey, 74% of Americans Believe That Their Leaders Don’t Care About Them

( — The online news website Axios recently launched a new editorial series called Axios Vibes, which they will be using to show their readers how Americans feel about current issues using polling data from the Harris Poll. The format is brief and to the point, using emojis to indicate “vibes.” In their January 11 Axios Vibe, they share data about how Americans are feeling about the country.

The major takeaway from the Harris Poll they used for this Vibe Check is that Americans overwhelmingly do not believe their leaders care about them or their families. 70% of those polled say that politicians are not trustworthy, and overall, 74% agree that American leadership does not care about their citizens. Broken down, the groups most likely to say that leaders don’t care about them are people who are falling behind financially, renters, Republicans, Gen-Xers, Boomers, and women.

CEO of The Harris Poll, John Gerzema, says that younger people are more likely to see politicians as out of touch because they are too old and “past their expiration date”. However, other data from Axios Vibes indicates that Americans are angry about inflation increasing the prices of groceries and fuel. While inflation is slowing, it is not stopping or reversing. Two-thirds of Americans fear grocery prices continuing to rise and worry that the new lower price on gasoline is a temporary reprieve that will reverse.

43% of those polled say their lives are worse since Biden took office, with even Democrats polling at 53% who say their lives have improved under the current administration. Many polls show that many Americans are blaming their poor financial situation on President Biden. Economists say that the polls do not reflect the public’s true feelings about the economy because consumer spending is still high. Gerzema places the blame on the American public, whom he says are “consuming in denial” and looking to shift the blame of their own poor choices onto outside factors like the nation’s leaders.

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