Peter Navarro, a Trump Advisor, Needs To Report Directly to Jail, per Federal Judge

( — Despite his attempt to delay his looming prison sentence, Peter Navarro, one of former President Donald Trump’s advisors, must report to prison and begin serving his sentence.

Navarro attempted to delay his prison sentence by appealing his case to a three-judge panel but failed to present an issue of law to justify delaying his detention or reversing his conviction. According to the panel, Navarro must report to prison by March 19. Navarro filed an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court following his failed appeal, which could delay his prison sentence and potentially reverse his conviction.

Following Navarro’s failed appeal, his legal team released a statement announcing their plan to bring the failed case to the United States Supreme Court. Navarro worked as one of Trump’s trade advisors and faced national scrutiny after his involvement in the 2020 presidential election controversy. Navarro reportedly worked alongside other members of the Trump administration to overturn the election’s results, prompting an investigation by members of Congress. Navarro failed to cooperate with Congress during their hearings regarding the January 6th protests, prompting the Justice Department to charge him with multiple counts of contempt.

Navarro’s legal team argued that the former advisor’s actions fell under Trump’s presidential immunity, as Navarro claims he acted on behalf of President Trump when he refused to cooperate with Congress’ investigation. Despite his claims, Navarro failed to present evidence that he worked on Trump’s behalf, prompting a federal judge to reject his legal argument and uphold his conviction. The three-judge panel also shot down Navarro’s argument, instead citing Congress’ need for information as more important than protecting information under privilege.

Although Steven Bannon, another Trump advisor convicted of a crime, remains free, Navarro must serve prison time for his alleged misconduct should his emergency appeal fail. Navarro is the first former Trump advisor who might report for prison, depending on his pending appeal, but Bannon could also face prison time if he fails his ongoing appeal like Navarro. Navarro could spend four months in jail for the contempt charges and might report to prison even if the Supreme Court considers his legal argument.

The Supreme Court could overturn the recent ruling, and Navarro might avoid prison time if his emergency appeal proves successful. In his appeal to the Supreme Court, Navarro’s legal team discussed how the 74-year-old didn’t pose a threat to national security and cited his inability to flee the country as reasons to grant relief from prison. According to Navarro’s team, the emergency appeal could result in a new trial and ultimately reverse his conviction for contempt.

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