Plane Crash in Oregon Home Results in 2 Fatalities

( — A small plane crashed through the roof of a home in Oregon on October 3, resulting in two deaths and a third person sustaining severe injuries. The crash occurred approximately 23 miles from Portland, and multiple people witnessed the plane’s decline before the tragic collision. The incident happened in the evening, and authorities responding to the incident found the plane’s wreckage within the house and scattered throughout both yards.

Although the plane struck a house, no one in the home was injured during the accident. The fatalities from the accident were two of the plane’s occupants, and the third occupant was transported to a Portland trauma facility to receive treatment. The homeowners claim that following the crash, everyone inside the home evacuated safely and without injury. The two people who tragically lost their lives during the incident are Michael Cavallotti and Barrett Bevacqua. Cavallotti worked as an instructor for a flight school in Hillsboro, and Bevacqua was a student pilot. The cause of the plane’s crash is currently unknown and under investigation.

Before the plane collided with the house, multiple people witnessed the aircraft’s descent from the sky. According to eyewitnesses, the plane spiraled before hitting the home, indicating some faulty equipment or mistakes from the aircraft’s pilot. Such claims are unsubstantiated, however, and the actual cause of the accident will remain unknown until authorities perform a conclusive investigation into the tragic incident. The family involved in the crash is receiving aid from the Red Cross due to being displaced by the destruction of their home.

Video footage of the crash is available online and shows the plane rapidly falling before hitting the home. Any indication of the crash’s cause from the footage is unclear, as the airplane looks undamaged during its downward spiral. The Federal Aviation Authority and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident and will release the cause of the crash in the coming weeks. Another source of information regarding the tragedy is the plane’s third passenger, Emily Hurd, whose condition is currently unascertained. Should Hurd survive her injuries, authorities will likely interview her regarding the moments leading to the plane hitting her home.

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