Poet Fatally Stabbed During Walk with Girlfriend After Wedding

(NationalUSNews.com) — Hours after attending a wedding, a stranger stabbed a Brooklyn poet and activist to death in an attack authorities deemed random and unmotivated. The attack can be viewed online, as a camera recorded the entire tragedy as it unfolded.

In the footage, Ryan Carson is sitting with his girlfriend, Claudia, when the two start walking toward the assailant who took Carson’s life. The stranger then appears agitated and begins to yell at the young couple. Carson can be seen stepping between Claudia and the unknown attacker before the attack, as the stranger starts yelling erratically and threatening the two. The man then pulls out a knife and attacks Carson, resulting in Carson’s tragic demise. Carson’s vigil had over 100 attendees, and the former poet is well-known as an activist within his community.

The stranger in the video is now identified and is being held without bail for the murder of Carson. The suspected attacker is Brian Dowling, an eighteen-year-old New York resident whom multiple people successfully identified from the video footage of the attack on Carson. Carson’s girlfriend failed to identify Dowling in a photo lineup, sparking speculation that the teen might be innocent of Carson’s death. However, prosecutors are confident in Dowling’s guilt and claim that Dowling attacked Carson without motive. Carson’s death came just days before the poet’s 32nd birthday. Prosecutors claim that police uncovered the sweatshirt the assailant wore while detaining Dowling and a knife similar to the weapon used during the murder.

Dowling’s arrest is sparking nationwide discourse as the teen’s former teachers defend him despite his apparent violent tendencies. A former English teacher from Dowling’s high school claimed Dowling is “respectful” like any other high school teen. Despite the prosecution’s confidence in Dowling as a suspect, many online commenters defend the young man. Although Dowling receives heavy support online, the teen will likely be convicted by New York authorities, given the physical and video evidence against him. Dowling’s alleged crime is the latest instance of unmotivated violent crime in New York. Authorities claim that unmotivated homicide is a rare occurrence, but residents within the city are demanding authorities take action to prevent further deaths like Carson’s.

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