Police Sued After Shooting and Killing Wrong Homeowner

(NationalUSNews.com) — Authorities from the Farmington Police Department are facing a lawsuit after arriving at the wrong address for a domestic violence call and killing an innocent homeowner without connection to the call in question. The officers were supposed to arrive at 5308 Valley View Ave. but instead went to 5305 Valley View Ave.

The address immediately prompted confusion from the officers, but they failed to verify the correct address before identifying themselves to the homeowner. Shortly after the cops arrived at the home, a firefight broke out, resulting in the tragic death of Robert Dotson. Dotson’s wife, Kimberly, began firing back, prompting police to continue firing into the house at Dotson. Fortunately, officers did not strike Kimberly Dotson during the ordeal. Following the tragic incident, Dotson filed a lawsuit against the Farmington Police Department, seeking damages for the sad incident. The Chief of Police for Farmington, Steve Hebbe, commented on the shooting and called it a “tragedy.”

The officers involved in the shooting are accused of acting unreasonably by Dotson’s family, prompting the firefight that took Dotson’s life. Upon the officers’ arrival, Dotson heard a knock on his door and proceeded downstairs with his legally owned firearm. Once the police saw Dotson, they backed away from the door and opened fire into his house, presumably before Dotson knew they were operating as police officers. Dotson was 52 years old and was shot twelve times during the tragedy, ultimately ending his life. He is survived by his wife, Kimberly.

Footage of the incident was quickly released by the Farmington Police Department, highlighting the officers’ confusion leading to the firefight and their discussion regarding their arrival at the wrong address. Despite this confusion, the officers proceeded with events that resulted in Dotson’s tragic demise. Representatives of the Farmington Police Department claim the officers are remorseful and regret the tragic shooting but deny any responsibility on behalf of the officers, who believed their lives were at risk, according to their attorneys.

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