Pope Francis Illness Forces Him to Cancel Meetings

(NationalUSNews.com) — Pope Francis canceled several upcoming meetings due to potential complications from a decades-old respiratory illness. According to reports, Francis is suffering from labored breathing and lung inflammation, and he will not be attending several meetings until he recovers. The lung inflammation may stem from an illness Francis suffered 50 years ago, but any connection is currently unconfirmed.

During his initial diagnosis of lung illness 50 years ago, Pope Francis lost a portion of his lung. Following his current lung complications, medical staff at the Gemelli Hospital performed tests on Francis to determine if the pontiff had pneumonia and began administering antibiotics to aid in his recovery. According to the Vatican’s press office director, Matteo Bruni, Francis is in stable condition and is steadily improving. Despite being bedridden, Francis is still performing his duties as the leader of the Vatican.

Francis appeared virtually to perform his Sunday Angelus address and recited a prayer from his home. Francis discussed his condition and announced he appeared only on camera to avoid exposure to cold weather. Monsignor Paolo Braida also attended the address. During the address, Francis thanked Monsignor Braida for his presence before Braida performed the reflection.

According to Bruni, several events are postponed until Francis recovers from his lung problems. Despite the growing concerns surrounding Francis’ health, the pontiff claims he will return to his duties as soon as possible. Francis regularly suffers from a variety of health complications and has been hospitalized several times over the past few years. The Pope’s last hospitalization occurred in June.

In June, Francis underwent surgery to remove scar tissue from his intestines and repair a hernia in his abdominal wall. The surgery isn’t the first time he has experienced health complications in his abdominal wall; in 2021, Francis had over a foot of his colon removed. The various surgeries and ongoing health complications are prompting concerns from Catholics across the globe due to Francis being 86 years old.

Despite the concerns of fellow church members and world leaders, Francis intends to remain the Pope for the foreseeable future. Medical experts expect Francis will recover from the lung complications in the coming weeks.

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