Power Plant Hit With Deadly Explosion

(NationalUSNews.com) — Last Wednesday, a contractor working at a power plant in southeastern Texas was killed when a boiler in the facility exploded, the Associated Press reported.

Luminant, the Houston-based company that owns the Oak Grove Power Plant near Franklin, Texas, said in a statement last Wednesday that the explosion occurred around 8:00 am while the company was commissioning an auxiliary boiler. One of the contractors “was fatally injured” in the blast.

No other injuries were reported and all other staff and contractors at the plant were accounted for.

Bill Huggins, the director of Robertson County Emergency Management, said that the exploding boiler caused no fire and there was no danger to the nearby town of Franklin. The plant remained in operation after the incident and electricity continued to be generated.

Luminant said it was working with the contractor’s employer as well as state and federal regulators to determine the cause of the blast.

Last Wednesday’s explosion is the second major incident to occur at the Oak Grove Power Plant this year.

In February, KBTX reported that four contractors at the plant had to be rushed to the hospital after they began suffering symptoms believed to have been caused by exposure to a hazardous chemical.

After receiving treatment at the plant, all four contractors were taken to the hospital in Temple, with two of the contractors being transported by medical helicopters while the other two were transported by ambulance.

Robertson County Emergency Management, along with Luminant, said that they were investigating the incident to determine what caused the contractors’ symptoms and how the exposure occurred.

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