Pro-Palestinian Professor Arrested For Death Of Jewish Protester

( — Pro-Palestinian advocate Loay Alnaji has been apprehended by law enforcement for allegedly causing the death of Paul Kessler, a 69-year-old Israel supporter. The incident took place in Thousand Oaks, California, in the wake of a Hamas-led act of terror against Israel on October 7, which claimed the lives of 1200 Israelis, caused thousands of injuries, and resulted in numerous hostage situations.

Renowned for his expertise in the realm of computer science, Alnaji has long held a prestigious teaching position at Moorpark College. This information comes courtesy of a recent report by the Los Angeles Times. However, as of November 16, all public traces of Alnaji’s biography had mysteriously disappeared from the college’s official website.

An official proclamation from the Ventura County Community College District followed this intriguing development. They disclosed that Alnaji had been temporarily removed from his academic responsibilities and was on administrative leave. The reasons behind this sudden change remain unclear, leaving students and fellow faculty members speculating and awaiting further information.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office announced on November 16, 2023, that detectives from the Major Crimes Bureau had taken Alnaji into custody in Moorpark. Alnaji stands accused of involuntary manslaughter under California Penal Code section 192(b). He is scheduled to be held at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura County, and his bail has been determined by the court to be $1 million.

The authorities have expressed an ongoing interest in gathering more information about the circumstances surrounding Kessler’s death.

The anti-hate group StopAntisemitism has published a video allegedly from Alnaji’s Instagram account, which they claim espouses pro-Hamas sentiments.

In the aftermath of a contentious event, the Los Angeles Jewish Federation made a statement alleging that one of their own, Kessler, had been the victim of an assault, purportedly hit on the head with a megaphone by a pro-Palestinian demonstrator. However, the subsequent investigation revealed a murky picture, with differing accounts muddying the truth behind the incident.

Dr. Christopher Young, Ventura County’s chief medical examiner, revealed at a press briefing that hospital CT scans showed Kessler had severe brain injuries. This included brain swelling and bleeding around the brain. Dr. Young stated that Kessler had suffered non-lethal injuries to the left side of his face. There was also trauma to the back of his head, indicative of injuries typically caused by a fall. The internal injuries, which include skull fractures and brain bruising, are also consistent with such a fall.

Dr. Young explained that Kessler’s facial injuries were consistent with a blow to the face, separate from the injuries to the back of his head, which could have been caused by the fall. He concluded, “The certified cause of death is blunt force head trauma, with the manner of death classified as homicide.”

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