Pro-Trump Rapper’s Backpack Catches Fire On A Plane

( — On Monday, October 30, a JetBlue flight from New York to Florida was delayed by a startling incident where a passenger’s backpack apparently exploded. The backpack belonged to Jimmy Levy, a rap artist who entered the public eye when his song “Boycott Target” became popular in May.

Levy says that while he was waiting for the plane to take off, he fell asleep with his face against the window and his backpack safely tucked under the seat. He was awakened due to the heat from the burning backpack. He claims it was a “floating ball of fire” and that he knocked it down to the floor and began stomping on it to put out the flames.

The flight staff sprang into action while passengers yelled in alarm and put out the burning backpack with bottled water. They stated that nobody requested first aid, although Levy says he sustained some minor burns to his hands. On available footage from cell phone videos, the chaos aboard the plane can be seen and heard. Jet Blue has released a statement indicating they will be investigating the incident as they consider customer safety to be paramount. Officials have stated that Levy’s portable cell phone charger battery overheated and caused the explosion.

Levy is known for the conservative and Christian viewpoints that he expresses online and in his music. Initially, he seemed to believe the flaming backpack was “a spiritual attack” and thanked God for protecting him and everyone else on the plane. He later said that he knows now that it was the charger, but that at first, he believed it was an attack on him.

Claiming the incident was one of the “scariest moments” of his life, Levy warned his followers on X, formerly Twitter, to be more careful about where they get their phone products from. There has been some concern that lithium battery fires seem to be happening more frequently, with some products being recalled or linked positively to deadly fires.

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