Prosecutors Claim Couple Tried Abducting a Newborn Dressed as Amazon Delivery Drivers

( – A Florida couple allegedly traveled to Washington state and attempted to abduct a newborn child while dressed in Amazon delivery driver disguises. Prosecutors claim Chun Ho Vincent Lai, 42, and his wife Marlly Ardila-Urrego, 33, attempted to abduct Ardila-Urrego’s cousin and her child from the state of Washington. The couple allegedly traveled across the entire United States for the express purpose of kidnapping the woman and her 7-month-old newborn child in what prosecutors claim is an “unusual” criminal incident.

Prosecutors obtained footage of the couple from moments before the attempted kidnapping, where Lai dressed as an Amazon delivery driver and waited with his wife in the victim’s apartment complex’s parking lot for approximately ten minutes. Lai reportedly brought various items to add credibility to his disguise, including an Amazon delivery package. After waiting in the parking lot for an unknown reason, the couple approached the victim’s door. Prosecutors claim the victim expected a delivery from the online marketplace website, so she opened the door upon seeing Lai in disguise.

Lai allegedly attacked the victim the moment she decided to open the door, and prosecutors claim he kept hitting the woman until she fell onto the ground. Despite her relationship with Ardila-Urrego, the victim reportedly failed to recognize her during the initial assault, as Ardila-Urrego remained silent during the ordeal. After the accused kidnappers subdued the woman, they allegedly restrained her and gagged the victim’s other child before moving forward with the kidnapping attempt.

Prosecutors claim Lai took the initiative during the crime and that Lai attempted to kidnap the newborn by shoving the child into the aforementioned delivery package. Security camera footage captured Lai and Ardila-Urrego’s escape from the area, where Lai can be seen carrying the package containing the child as they entered their vehicle and drove away. The newborn’s mother managed to escape her restraints shortly after the kidnapping and reported the events to the police, and the victim identified Ardila-Urrego as a potential suspect.

Ardila-Urrego’s uncle also spoke to authorities and confirmed that police should investigate her due to her suspicious behavior leading up to the bizarre kidnapping. Ardila-Urrego allegedly asked various family members for the victim’s address, which her uncle marked as odd behavior due to her lack of contact with her family. The victim’s mother also shared details about Ardila-Urrego’s bizarre actions, claiming that Ardila-Urrego told her to expect an Amazon delivery on the date of the kidnapping.

Although the couple made extensive efforts to avoid recognition, federal authorities quickly identified Lai as a person of interest, and identified the accused kidnapper’s vehicle. The FBI became involved in the kidnapping case and tracked Lai’s vehicle, where Washington authorities found the kidnapped newborn unharmed. Lai and Ardila-Urrego remain in police custody with a $750,000 bond and will reappear for pre-trial proceedings on March 7th.

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