Ramaswamy Fails To Qualify for Last Debate, Maintains He’s Still All In

(NationalUSNews.com) — Despite his failure to qualify for the last Iowa Republican presidential candidate debate, GOP hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy claims that his campaign isn’t over yet. A senior adviser for the Ramaswamy campaign addressed the predictions of Ramaswamy’s presidential bid ending, calling the predictions “premature.” Ramaswamy’s campaign started without much support, but the unlikely presidential candidate quickly found success during the early months of his campaign. Ramaswamy’s popularity stalled once Republican candidate Nikki Haley began gaining traction amongst Republicans, but Ramaswamy said he’s not giving up on his presidential bid.

One of Ramaswamy’s senior advisers, Tricia McLaughlin, claimed that, despite failing to qualify for the last Republican debate in Iowa, Ramaswamy remains one of the most popular Republican candidates. McLaughlin said that more voters are showing support for Ramaswamy than Haley or Governor Ron DeSantis in Iowa, although Ramaswamy polls behind the two amongst Iowa Republicans. Despite receiving support from Iowa voters, Ramaswamy won’t be appearing in the debate, making it a one-on-one debate between DeSantis and Haley. Former President Donald Trump is also eligible to participate in the debate but is skipping the event entirely due to his commanding lead over the other Republican presidential candidates.

The requirement to qualify for the final Iowa debate is a threshold of 10% in multiple national or Iowa polls from likely participants in the Iowa caucus. Ramaswamy fell short of the required 10% threshold by just three percent, as he polled at approximately seven percent amongst likely Iowa caucus voters. Despite Ramaswamy’s failure to qualify for the Iowa debate, McLaughlin claims that Ramaswamy’s campaign will reach the top three before the end of the primary season.

Ramaswamy attempted to gain support shortly before the final Iowa debate through rigorous campaigning and visiting each of the state’s 99 counties on two separate occasions. Although Ramaswamy won’t appear in the debate, he’s only one percent behind DeSantis in New Hampshire, which is the next critical state for Republican presidential hopefuls. DeSantis is the third-most popular candidate running among the Republicans but could lose his spot to Ramaswamy if he fails to gain popularity from his debate against Haley.

According to a poll from FiveThirtyEight.com, Donald Trump is the most popular candidate in New Hampshire, with about 42% of the state’s Republican vote. Haley trails behind Trump in second place, with approximately 30% of the vote. DeSantis is polling at an abysmal six percent in New Hampshire, with Ramaswamy polling at five percent of the vote. Although Ramswamy won’t be in the final Iowa debate, he could appear in other debate events in New Hampshire if his campaign gains traction.

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