Ramaswamy to Tucker: US is More Vulnerable Than Ever

(NationalUSNews.com) — Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Tucker Carson in an interview on October 9th that Americans should be demanding that politicians address “vulnerability right here in the homeland “. He added that it isn’t crass to do so and that it “is morally correct” to demand that a nation’s leaders be asked how they intend to defend the interests of their own nations. This is not the first time Carlson has interviewed the 38-year-old Republican candidate and entrepreneur, who is currently ranking third in the GOP primary.

While some politicians may be uncomfortable criticizing the American or Israeli intelligence communities, Vivek is not afraid to ask “What the hell went wrong”? He suggested that a lot of people seem to be considering this a question for a later time, but that he believes this is something that should be investigated and answered for now. He added that a lot of politicians are in a position to make a lot of money out of war, mentioning Nikki Haley by name.

Ramaswamy reiterated his well-known stance that America needs to close the southern border. Besides making the US less secure in the case of global conflicts, it also contributes to the rising death toll from drug-related deaths. Besides the insecure border, Ramaswamy points out that, unlike Israel, America does not have an Iron Dome, which provides them with a defense barrier against aerial attacks.

Warning that we are “vulnerable to nuclear missile attacks any given day”, Ramaswamy notes that the world is edging closer to nuclear conflict all the time. He specifically points to the situation with Russia as an example of the ever-present danger that comes with modern warfare technology and the current strain in international relations. Ramaswami says that U.S. officials should take heed and learn from Israel’s mistakes. He believes that holes in our intelligence information should be discovered and rectified. He says that if Israel’s establishment can get it wrong, then America could get it wrong as well, and that could lead to similar attacks on the US.

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