Recently Discovered Footage Shows Shoot-Out With Sharpshooter

( — Recently released bodycam footage shows a Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Sheriff’s deputy responding to a burglary call on June 16, 2020, only to find a burning farm, two people fatally shot, and a suspect in an upper-story window shooting at the arriving police. During the 15-minute video, the deputy can be seen returning fire at the suspect, then crouching and taking cover while he updates dispatch on the situation. It is then that he discovers the body of Nedra Lemke on the ground by her SUV and describes the man he sees in the back of the SUV as “uninvolved”. The shooter is believed to be Kevin Anderson, whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Anderson is an avid outdoorsman and a convicted felon. A hunting buddy describes his marksmanship skills as so good that he could “make shots other people couldn’t”. Anderson is described as a heavy drinker with a violent temper; this incident seems to have been predicated by the death of his father. A copy of the will was found at Anderson’s home. Although the will stipulated equal provisions for Anderson and his sister, Nedra Lemke, it named Nedra as the executor of the largest part of the family estate to be administered on behalf of their brother, who has mental and physical limitations that render him nonverbal.

When questioned after the murder of Jim and Nedra Lemke, Anderson’s wife claimed she hadn’t seen him or spoken to him since June 15. She told the authorities he was gone when she awoke that day, having told her about the night before that he would be doing gravel work that day. When asked about her husband and his reaction to his father’s will, she said, “I don’t think he was really happy about that.” Detective Ryan McIntyre, the lead investigator, says there is no evidence that Anderson had help in eluding capture.

Charges have been filed against Anderson for one count of attempted first-degree homicide, two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, and arson. In July 2020, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives offered a reward of up to $10,000 for information that may lead to Anderson’s arrest.

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