Renowned Russian Militant Babai Slain in Zaporizhzhia

( — Multiple sources report that well-known Russian militant Aleksandr “Babai” Mozhayev is dead, having died on the Zaporizhzhia front. Mozhayev is infamous for his staunch support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, having fought in the initial Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2014.

While Mozhayev claimed his initial decision to fight in Ukraine stemmed from a desire to avoid prison time for attempted murder, he willingly joined the latest conflict between the two nations to support Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. According to Mozhayev, he served in Russia’s armed forces before the conflict with Ukraine but retired in the 1990s. According to some Eastern European sources, Mozhayev is a well-known terrorist who joined Russian paramilitary units to capture parts of Donbas and Slovyansk. Mozhayev was an infamous militant involved in Russia’s ongoing war for Ukraine, and he serves as a stark reminder of Russia’s willingness to use terrorist groups for its agenda.

Mozhayev’s death is the latest significant development in the war between Ukraine and Russia, which is still ongoing after more than a year of conflict. The war between the two Eastern European nations is stagnant, with both sides failing to secure major military victories in recent months. Both nations receive aid from foreign entities, such as the United States, who provide arms and ammunition to aid either side’s military effort.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the aid Ukraine receives from the United States, calling President Biden’s decision to supply Ukraine with American-made missiles a “mistake.” Putin claims Washington’s decision to aid Ukraine is an attempt by the United States to “wade deeper” into the conflict. Putin also claims the United States’ regular support of Ukraine strengthens cooperation between Russia and China.

The missiles supplied by the United States are long-range missiles capable of hitting targets deep within Russia. While the arms provide Ukraine with a new advantage against Russia, Putin remains adamant that the American-manufactured missiles will not prevent a Russian occupation of Ukraine’s territory. Despite his claims, Russia is shifting the front line of the conflict in response to Ukraine’s possession of long-range weaponry.

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