Report Shows Biden Has Spent Nearly 40% Of Presidency On Vacation

( — Statistics regarding President Joe Biden’s vacationing habits have been identified through RNC Research. According to the research, Biden has spent forty percent of his time in office on vacation. Biden regularly leaves the White House Complex to spend time in his Delaware home but has also visited places like Camp David and a local Delaware beach. Biden has spent more of his presidency on vacation than his predecessors like Donald Trump and George Bush, having spent 353 days away from the White House. According to various sources, Trump spent around 130 days away from the White House. George Bush only spent 100 days on vacation at his Texas ranch. Barack Obama only spent thirty-eight days away from the White House complex. While it isn’t uncommon for presidents to leave the White House for diplomatic or personal reasons, Biden has spent an unusual amount of time away from his office during an exceptionally strenuous few years.

Biden hasn’t just used up taxpayer money to spend an exceptional amount of time on vacation but to renovate his personal property. Biden is building a privacy fence around his Delaware home, costing an estimated $500,000 in taxpayer money. Biden’s decision to construct a security fence comes just days after he signed an act meant to reduce inflation and its detrimental impact on the US economy. Despite receiving some scrutiny for his decision to use taxpayer money, Biden has remained quiet about his vacationing habits and personal use of public funds.

Biden’s questionable use of public funds and vacationing habits aren’t the only issues he’ll likely have to explain during next year’s presidential election, as the aging president is now facing allegations of being angry and abusive to his staff behind closed doors. The validity of such reports isn’t certain, but it does raise concerns that Biden might not be suitable for another term as the US president to many voters. Biden hasn’t commented on the allegations regarding his treatment of staffers yet, but such reports aren’t the first time Biden has been accused of such behaviors.

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