Republican Calls To Replace McCarthy As Speaker

( — Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is facing criticisms for his recent negotiated deal with President Biden, and is already facing calls to be replaced by members of his own party. The first Republican to publicly support the replacement of McCarthy was Dan Bishop, from North Carolina. Bishop supported the idea of getting rid of McCarthy due to his unhappiness with the McCarthy-Biden debt deal, which seemed to heavily favor Democrats rather than Republicans. Bishop is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, which held a press conference to declare their frustration with the deal that McCarthy brokered with Biden. While the various members of the Freedom Caucus vented their frustration, Bishop was the only Republican to raise his hand in favor of outing McCarthy as a result. Bishop then went on to tell various members of the press that he feels its “got to be done,” in reference to ousting McCarthy.

Despite Bishop’s claims that he’d support McCarthy being replaced, he didn’t commit to filing a motion that would vacate the position. The Freedom Caucus is frustrated, and it seems as though its various members will be considering future action in regards to McCarthy’s position as the Speaker of the House. The reason the caucus is so upset is that the deal doesn’t do more to cut spending, and it provided massive loopholes to Democrats. The bill also kept around 98% of Biden’s proposed IRS expansion, a policy that most Republicans have been highly against since Biden originally announced it. While Bishop is the only Republican so far to publicly support McCarthy’s ousting, others have made their disdain for the deal public. Representative Chip Roy from Texas is one such Republican, who stated that the deal was a bad deal and no Republicans should vote for it. Roy also mentioned to members of the media that if the bill made it through the House of Representatives, they would have to consider the leadership arrangement yet again.

Bishop famously withheld his support during McCarthy’s Speaker election, which resulted in 15 ballots. McCarthy eventually got the support he needed by committing to policies like cutting spending, a policy that McCarthy seems to have caved in on in favor of negotiating with President Biden. Despite the protests from various Republicans like Roy and Bishop, the debt negotiation bill seems likely to pass within the House, and the Senate.

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