RFK Jr Comes Out in Support of Border Control

(NationalUSNews.com) — Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy is making headlines for his outspoken support of border control and his beliefs that cartels are using the border to make billions of dollars. Kennedy spoke about his support for stricter border control on Twitter, where he posted a thread discussing the humanitarian reasons for stricter migration regulation and current border policies’ negative impact on American citizens.

Kennedy discussed his desire to use the president’s office to control immigration, cooperate with other countries concerning migrants, and provide a meaningful pathway to legal immigration to the United States. Kennedy’s position on border control contradicts the stance of other Democrats like President Joe Biden or former President Barack Obama, a controversial president often blamed for the ongoing immigration crisis due to policies he signed into law during his time in office.

While Kennedy’s stance on border control is controversial to many top Democrats, it seems to reflect the party’s original stance on immigration before Obama passed legislation that heavily favored immigrants in 2012. Kennedy’s decision to cite the humanitarian reasons for supporting stricter borders is likely an appeal to Democrats, both moderate and extreme, who feel that Republicans want to institute border control for selfish or bigoted reasons.

Kennedy also supports the second amendment and fewer gun control policies, a significant departure from other Democrat officials like Joe Biden. Kennedy stated that gun control wouldn’t be able to reduce gun violence meaningfully and that the United States has to focus on mental health and crime to seek a positive result relating to gun-related deaths. Kennedy’s outspoken support of the second amendment drew heavy criticism from his fellow Democrats, who felt he was betraying party principles by supporting Americans’ right to bear arms.

While President Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s nominee for next year’s election, many top officials are concerned that Kennedy could effectively challenge Biden for the nomination. Kennedy even received support from various Silicon Valley figures, including the original CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Kennedy has been growing in popularity among Republicans, independents, and moderate Democrats, sparking fears that he could split the ticket by running independently. Kennedy hasn’t stated his intention to run independently if the Democrats don’t nominate him. Still, he has remained adamant that he is the best chance the Democratic Party has of winning next year’s election.

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