RJK Jr. Won’t Pledge To Support Biden If He Wins Nomination

(NationalUSNews.com) — Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated he will not be endorsing another Democrat should they secure the nomination for next year’s election. Kennedy went on to clarify that he doesn’t know what he will do should he not be the Democratic nominee, and claimed that he has no “plan B.”

Kennedy’s comments are hardly surprising to those who have followed his campaign, as he’s used his platform to repeatedly criticize his party along with Republican candidates like Trump and DeSantis. Kennedy is one of the most controversial Democratic candidates running next year, as he’s been repeatedly accused of being anti-vaccination and pro-gun rights. Kennedy hasn’t denied his support of the second amendment and even claimed that gun control wouldn’t meaningfully reduce gun violence, contradicting many top Democrats’ positions. Kennedy is unlikely to secure the Democratic nomination, but he fully intends to challenge Joe Biden during Biden’s re-election bid.

Kennedy made headlines recently following a town hall, in which he differed from the Democratic party on policies regarding gun control, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. While Kennedy hasn’t gained much traction yet among Democratic voters, his popularity has been growing following his public appearances. Kennedy has notably spoken about Joe Biden’s declining mental health in the past, a topic that Democratic officials have avoided. Despite his more moderate take on Democratic stances, Kennedy is unlikely to be the Democrats’ nominee, as Joe Biden is still their most well-known candidate.

Biden has even gained a lead over Kennedy in New Hampshire polls, with Kennedy doing well in polls among Republicans. Kennedy gained a boost following Donald Trump stated that he wasn’t actively against Kennedy, marking a rare occasion of Trump remaining civil while discussing the opposing party. Despite his decent performance among Republicans and moderate Democrats, Kennedy has an uphill battle to face should he attempt to secure the Democratic nomination for next year. Regardless of this challenge, Kennedy has remained adamant that he is the best chance for the Democrats to win the 2024 presidential election.

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