Romney Hasn’t Said a Word About a Reelection Bid

( — Utah Senator and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney has yet to confirm if he’ll run for re-election in 2024 at the end of his senatorial term. Romney consistently polls well in Utah and will likely be re-elected if he chooses to run again, a fact Romney is well aware of.

Romney acknowledged the likelihood of success should he run again but needs to confirm if he intends to secure another term in the United States Senate. While Romney hasn’t established a potential re-election campaign, he did clarify that he expects to announce his decision sometime in the fall. The primary for Romney’s seat is in June of next year, so the former presidential candidate still has months to decide if he’ll serve in the Senate again or formally retire from American politics. Romney’s potential replacement might already be clear, as Utah’s House Speaker Brad Wilson polls incredibly well against Romney and currently has endorsements from many of Utah’s state legislators.

Romney is one of former President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics within the Republican Party and regularly criticizes Trump during public appearances and statements to the press. Despite his disdain for Trump’s policies and demeanor, Romney believes the ongoing criminal charges against Trump in New York are politically motivated. Romney claimed he thought Trump was “unfit” for office and should not be a serious Republican candidate in the 2024 election. Despite Romney’s protests, Trump remains the most popular GOP candidate running against President Biden and will likely secure the GOP’s nomination for the 2024 election regardless.

Romney even urged other Republican candidates to drop out of the upcoming election before the primary ends to support other candidates with better chances at overcoming Trump’s popularity. Romney believes that if the other GOP candidates all supported one candidate, that candidate would have a chance at securing the Republican nomination instead of Trump. Despite Romney’s claims, Trump remains the most famous member of the GOP and is almost guaranteed to secure the Republican nomination once the primary season ends.

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