Ron DeSantis Attacks Biden’s Failures

( – Florida Governor and 2024 Election hopeful Ron DeSantis has made headlines by calling out President Joe Biden and his failures while he’s been serving as the chief executive. 

As an example, DeSantis cited Executive Order 14067, which would allow for an unprecedented level of surveillance and control in relation to American citizens’ bank accounts. DeSantis signed legislation within Florida to counter this executive order, noting that Florida values its freedom from government overreach. 

DeSantis has been making numerous public appearances to criticize both Biden and former president Donald Trump, noting how both have failed to provide policies that benefit the American public. DeSantis is still trailing behind Trump by a large margin when it comes to polls, but he is still considered the second most popular 2024 Republican candidate by far. 

DeSantis has continuously gone after Donald Trump since he announced his presidential bid back in May 2023, blasting the former president with every chance he’s been given. He recently did a public radio appearance in which he was heard calling out Trump’s Supreme Court appointees. DeSantis said he had respect for the justices that were appointed during Trump’s time in office, but that the picks weren’t up to the same standard as Justice Samuel Alito or Justice Clarence Thomas. DeSantis went on to say Alito and Thomas were his “gold standard,” and that any justices he’d appoint would be more in line with their more conservative stances.

DeSantis hasn’t just gone after Trump’s Supreme Court picks, but has also criticized his policy stances in general. The Florida governor claimed Trump had “ran to the left,” citing the former president’s response to the pandemic as well as his stance on key issues like gun control and abortion. 

DeSantis has marketed himself as a more conservative candidate compared to Donald Trump, and has promised he won’t deviate from his conservative base should he be elected in 2024. Although Trump still enjoys a lead over DeSantis in various popularity polls, DeSantis could still secure the nomination if Trump were to lose popularity in the next year.

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