Ron DeSantis Criticizes Hunter Biden’s Artwork

( — During the first Republican debate, Ron DeSantis called out Hunter Biden, explicitly claiming that regular citizens can’t afford gas while Hunter Biden “makes a fortune” from his artwork. DeSantis also appeared on the debate stage to discuss his policies during the national pandemic, and President Joe Biden’s controversial “Bidenomics” policy.

DeSantis regularly comments on the various scandals involving Hunter Biden and uses the controversial figure to criticize the White House. DeSantis’s comments regarding Hunter Biden’s artwork echo a sentiment amongst other Republican candidates; the Biden family regularly benefits from President Biden’s position as the chief executive. Hunter Biden’s paintings sold for a reported $1.3 million to a sizable Democratic donor and President Biden-appointed official, Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, and were featured in a New York City gallery. Hunter Biden remains a common talking point amongst Republican officials and will probably be a focus of the presidential election when Biden debates his Republican opponent.

Hunter Biden’s legal battles are still developing and may result in his imprisonment should he be found guilty. Hunter Biden’s attorneys negotiated a plea deal for his various tax crimes, currently charged as misdemeanors, but failed to secure a plea before prosecutors denied any plea bargain. Biden’s unrelated firearm charges would’ve been dismissed temporarily under the negotiated plea, but he’ll likely stand trial for the felony gun charges moving forward. The various criminal charges aren’t the only ones against President Biden’s son, as multiple agencies and committees are investigating international business dealings involving Hunter Biden and his father, President Biden.

Among the agencies investigating Hunter Biden are the FBI and the IRS, with agents from both federal bodies subpoenaed to testify before House Republicans. Jason Smith and Jim Jordan subpoenaed the agents to testify regarding their general investigations into Hunter Biden and the Biden family and answer why criminal charges against the president’s son took so long to materialize. The two senators serve on the House Judiciary Means and Ways Committee and intend to investigate Hunter Biden’s alleged criminality. Despite any incriminating evidence disclosed against Hunter Biden, additional criminal charges are unlikely, as an appointee of the Biden White House currently leads the Department of Justice.

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