Ron DeSantis’ Leaked Debate Strategy

( — Florida Governor and GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis’s strategy for the upcoming presidential debates leaked and is currently available on numerous media websites nationwide. DeSantis’s leaked strategy includes multiple talking points for the Republican official to discuss during his debate performance.

It even identifies other candidates DeSantis should target while on the debate stage. One such target is Vivek Ramaswamy, who has grown in popularity recently while DeSantis’s campaign began stalling. DeSantis’s strategy also mentions President Joe Biden and claims that DeSantis should attack the United States president for his weak performance in office multiple times during the event.

According to the leaked strategy, DeSantis intends to defend Donald Trump from other candidates’ attacks, even though Trump will likely skip the debate entirely. DeSantis’s strategy is the latest roadblock facing his campaign, and it appeared on a website closely affiliated with the Never Back Down PAC, which supports DeSantis. DeSantis hasn’t commented on the platform leak, which deleted websites connected to the PAC. Still, the leak will hinder his performance against other Republicans like Chris Christie or Vivek Ramaswamy.

DeSantis’s leak comes days after his polling performance began declining heavily. The same polls indicate Ramaswamy’s campaign is gaining traction among GOP voters and independents alike, raising concerns that the Republican newcomer could overshadow DeSantis’s efforts. DeSantis’s debate strategy responds to Ramaswamy’s growing popularity, as it mentions him by name and prepares multiple insults to use against him.

According to the polls, Ramaswamy’s standing increased by 7 percent to 11 percent, while DeSantis’s performance dropped to 16 percent, a new low for the Florida Governor. DeSantis regularly polls in second place behind Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, but his lead over other candidates is beginning to shrink, according to multiple polls nationwide.

According to his standing in the various polls, DeSantis’s decline in popularity is accelerating, with his support base halving in 4 months. Despite this setback, DeSantis remains the second most popular GOP candidate running in next year’s election, a position he might lose. DeSantis’s debate performance might help him regain popularity among GOP voters. Still, his leaked debate strategy will heavily influence his performance and how his political opponents respond.

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