Ron DeSantis Refuses To Be Donald Trump’s VP, He Says

( — Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has denied rumors that he’d be willing to join Donald Trump as his running mate, ending months of speculation about how his campaign could end up playing out. DeSantis went on to say that he wasn’t a “number two guy” and that he’d remain as Florida’s Governor rather than serve as a Vice President due to the limited authority a Vice President holds. DeSantis has been publicly outspoken with his criticisms of Donald Trump, using his various public appearances to explain why he’d be the better candidate. Among the issues DeSantis has brought up concerning Trump are abortion rights and the LGTBQ movement. Although Donald Trump is the most popular Republican candidate in current polls, DeSantis maintains a strong second place that could lead to him taking the nomination away from Trump. Trump’s campaign has commented on DeSantis, noting that the Florida Governor won’t be able to edge out a victory from the wildly popular former president.

DeSantis may have denied the possibility of serving as Donald Trump’s Vice President, but he has confirmed that should Trump secure the nomination, he’d endorse him. DeSantis has publicly pledged that he’ll endorse whoever won the GOP nomination, even if it was the controversial former president. Trump is currently the most popular Republican in the election pool and has even outperformed President Joe Biden recently. Trump also outperformed DeSantis in Florida, his home state. Despite his growing popularity, Trump still has multiple pending legal cases that could weaken his presidential bid moving forward. Trump’s criminal cases are set to play out during the primary season, raising questions about whether or not he’ll be able to maintain his popularity.

Despite Trump’s position as the most popular GOP candidate, DeSantis has been publicly outspoken about Trump’s controversies and failures from his time in office. DeSantis has even called Trump “entitled” for his decision to potentially skip out on the initial debate in August, noting that every GOP candidate should attend. Ironically DeSantis recently declined an invitation to speak at Turning Point Action, a wildly popular event with many GOP presidential candidates attending. Despite DeSantis’ initial popularity, it seems he’s facing an uphill battle if he wants to secure the nomination from the Republican Party.

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