Ron DeSantis Shifts Campaign Focus To Iowa

( — Florida Governor and Republica presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is currently touring through Iowa, shifting his campaign to focus on the critical election state. Iowa is pivotal in the presidential election cycle, as it’s the first state to nominate a presidential candidate.

The Iowa Caucus isn’t a definitive event, but it usually indicates which candidates can secure their party’s nomination ahead of the main election contest. DeSantis’s focus on Iowa isn’t surprising, as the GOP hopeful’s campaign is losing traction, lowering his odds of winning the Republican nomination. DeSantis’s popularity has steadily declined for months, but the Republican candidate seems confident he’ll bounce back before the official nomination is determined.

Currently, the most likely GOP nominee is Donald Trump, who maintains a strong lead over the other Republican candidates like DeSantis. DeSantis remains one of the most popular candidates besides Trump but is losing momentum due to multiple controversies involving the Florida official.

DeSantis’s campaign suffered heavy losses for various reasons, including the tragic shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, which some are calling a “hate crime.” The tragedy is causing severe backlash for DeSantis, as many Florida residents blame his policies for enabling the shooter to attain a firearm. One such Florida citizen, a veteran, accused DeSantis of allowing the shooting to happen publicly during an event where DeSantis discussed Florida’s pandemic policies. DeSantis denied any responsibility for the shooting and erupted at the veteran and remains adamant that the shooter himself is responsible for the tragic deaths.

DeSantis regularly dismisses claims that his policies enabled the Jacksonville shooting and seems concerned about how the shooting might influence his campaign. Democratic officials will likely draw attention to the hate crime and assign blame to DeSantis. DeSantis is attempting to counter these accusations by campaigning with citizens of Iowa in the hopes of securing more support before the nominee is selected. Despite the recent controversies of his campaign, DeSantis believes he can secure the support of Iowa in the coming weeks.

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