Safety Experts Fear That School Buses Are Putting Children in Danger

( — Around 17,000 people are injured each year on school buses, prompting advocates for enhanced safety on these vehicles to ask for stronger legislation to compel the wearing of seat belts.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), although there were an average of 128 deaths per year in collisions involving school buses between 2007 and 2016, crashes resulting in no fatalities are significantly more prevalent.

In the past seven days:

A local Ohio media outlet recently reported that one child was hurt in a collision between a car and a Dayton Public Schools bus in Ohio. The bus held a total of 8 people, including the driver.

In Fulton County, Kentucky, a bus carrying four children became involved in a collision on U.S. 51, according to a report.

A recent report from Houston, Texas, shows a bus flipped over, sending ten pupils and two adults to the hospital.

In another accident in Birmingham, Alabama, a school bus collided, sending five pupils to the hospital, as reported by online media outlets.

Peter Kurdock, chief counsel for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, remarked to the press that one tragedy involving young children is too many when carrying our most precious passengers. Even more so when certain reasonable measures may be taken to greatly improve the security of school buses. Kurdock argued that jurisdictions should mandate the use of seat belts on school buses.

On September 6 in Racine, Wisconsin, a school bus and a municipal bus collided, flipping the school bus over and into a backyard. A few of the seven or eight passengers on the city bus needed medical attention for minor wounds. The school bus was empty when the accident occurred.

A Ring doorbell camera caught the moment the city bus crashed into the side of a school bus after the latter ran a stop sign.

The school bus driver, 61 years old, and the assistant, 26 years old, were two of the six people brought to a local hospital.

The city bus remained upright, but its front end was completely mangled.

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