Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Could Face a Contempt Charge

( — The White House’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, will likely be charged with contempt in the coming weeks by Representative Michael McCaul. The contempt charge is a response to Blinken’s refusal to answer multiple subpoenas, which came from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The contempt charge serves as a mostly symbolic gesture, as even if it passed the Justice Department, which is also headed by the Biden Administration, would likely decline to prosecute Blinken. Should the case move forward it would be quite historical, as Blinken would be the first Secretary of State to face a contempt charge.

Blinken has been at the forefront of US foreign relations since his nomination last year, and has even made visits with various countries like China. Blinken’s visit with China didn’t seemingly result in any improvement in relations with China, but quite the opposite. Following his visit with China’s foreign minister, Blinken mentioned in a 60 Minutes interview that China has been increasingly hostile in regards to Taiwan, an island nation that China considers a part of its own territory. Biden went on to confirm that the US would protect Taiwan in the event of an invasion, sparking concerns of a potential global conflict between the United States and China. The likelihood of China invading the island nation seems slim as of now, but China has announced its intention to reclaim Taiwan in the past.

Blinken has consistently been in the news cycle for a variety of reasons, including the Ukraine-Russia war that’s been ongoing. Despite Blinken’s efforts global relations between major superpowers has been deteriorating, with the fears of a potential global conflict growing with each passing month. The Biden Administration has made some alarming claims, such as its constant support of Ukraine and stated intent to protect Taiwan. Whether or not either of these stances will result in further conflict is unknown, but it is a concern for Biden to overcome during his attempt at winning reelection.

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