Senator Hagerty Warns America About China in South America

( – After personal and official visits to three countries in South America, Republican Senator Bill Hagerty returned home with a warning for the United States. The Tennessee lawmaker was included in a congressional delegation that made stops in Uruguay and Chile, and he also traveled to Colombia privately. Senator Hagerty observed what he has termed a “vacuum” within South America, one that China is making every effort to fill.

Any official Chinese presence in South America means the Communist giant is in America’s backyard in some form. In this case, Hagerty saw economic struggles, lack of jobs, pandemic-related fallout with increased crime rates, and shutdowns that shuttered businesses. Presidents of each of the three countries confirmed they need help to rise above their current situations, and that China has recognized that need.

Hagerty says Chinese businesses made successful bids to build infrastructure systems in several South American countries. They invested in telecommunications, software and port management systems that control shipping. While Chinese involvement in South American economies boosts opportunities for locals, it does put China in a strategically ambitious position. In time, Hagerty says it would be easy for China to lure Central and South America from diplomatic ties with the United States.

Hagerty insists the solution lies in the Biden Administration making itself aware of the possibilities in South America, and realizing as well that the people there need America to step up to the plate and take responsibility for helping those within our Western Hemisphere.

China has also made itself a major player in fostering a level of peace in the Middle East, brokering talks between the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince and Yemen leaders–who are backed by a group from Iran–to try to quell the ongoing war between their countries. The Biden Administration says China is also the largest supplier of raw materials to Mexico in its drug cartel’s manufacturing and smuggling of illegal Fentanyl to the United States.

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