Senator Lindsey Graham Calls for Durham Report Hearing

( — Senator Lindsey Graham recently made headlines due to his demand for a hearing regarding Special Counsel John Durham’s report about the Trump-Russia FBI probe and its various flaws. One such flaw, stated in Durham’s report, is that the FBI failed to uphold a “strict fidelity” to the law. Another such flaw that Durham identified is that the FBI relied heavily on information and data provided by Trump’s various opponents, raising concerns that the FBI could potentially be pursuing leads due to a political motivation rather than a genuine concern for legality and public safety. The report is the latest development in the Trump-Russia collusion controversy, a story that has been repeatedly brought up by Democrats for years now.

The report is critical of the FBI’s investigation into Trump, but it doesn’t identify any widespread plot to undermine Donald Trump. The report simply finds that the FBI failed to act appropriately, and as a result their investigation was heavily flawed. Another concern raised in the report is how the FBI investigated Trump based on uncorroborated evidence, which the report mentions is a departure from how the FBI handled an investigation into the Clinton campaign in the past. While Durham’s report didn’t find any larger plan against Trump, it does identify the fact that the FBI seems to change its operation methods depending on which political party is being accused of wrongdoing. Whether or not this is the case is unknown, but it helps illustrate the reason why many US citizens are disenfranchised with the federal organizations that are supposed to remain unbiased and fair.

The infamous “Russian Collusion” story has been ongoing since Trump’s original presidential bid back in 2016, and serves as a favorite topic for Democrat Party members. It seems rare that Trump is brought up without the Russian hoax being discussed at length. Durham’s report now calls into question the integrity of the FBI’s investigation, and whether or not the FBI acts appropriately in its pursuit of legal investigations.

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