Seven Year Old Killed by Balloons on Her Birthday

( — A seven-year-old girl from Tennessee tragically lost her life after popping a birthday balloon, prompting authorities to warn parents about the potential danger of benign objects like inflatable decorations. According to the girl’s mother, Channa Kelly, her daughter was asked to pop a large birthday balloon approximately a week after the celebration. Kelly agreed to let her daughter pop the innocuous balloon, but upon waking up, she found her daughter unresponsive with the balloon wrapped around her head.

The details surrounding the girl’s tragic death remain questionable, and authorities are performing an autopsy to determine her official cause of death. While the actual cause of her tragic death remains unconfirmed, authorities believe her death was due to helium poisoning from suffocation from the balloon. Once she found her daughter, Kelly began rendering CPR while waiting for emergency services to respond; upon their arrival, they could not resuscitate the young girl.

According to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission data, balloons are the leading cause of suffocation among children nationwide. Despite this alarming statistic, balloons remain extremely common in celebrations like the young girl in question’s birthday party. Following her daughter’s death, Kelly shared her experience and hopes that mylar balloons will receive more scrutiny moving forward. Kelly also shared details about her daughter’s personality, claiming she loved arts and crafts and was a curious child. Kelly’s daughter will be missed, and a funeral will come shortly. Kelly claims she was aware of the choking hazard of latex balloons but didn’t believe the same risk applied to the larger mylar balloons that ultimately took her child’s life.

While authorities are still investigating the young girl’s death, foul play seems unlikely given the lack of investigation into Channa Kelly. Some commenters on the internet believe there is more to the story, but most support Kelly and hope that the grieving mother can spread awareness about the dangerous nature of balloons among children. The young girl’s passing is a tragedy, and many hope other parents use Kelly’s story as a lesson for their children.

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