Sister of Offender Who Leaped Over Judge’s Bench Says He Felt “Betrayed”

( — On Jan. 3, 30-year-old Deobra Redden was up in front of Clark County Judge Kary Kay Holthus for sentencing for his attempted battery guilty plea. He, his family, and his attorney, Caesar Almase, were apparently under the impression that he would only be given a probation sentence rather than prison time. However, Judge Holthus felt, given Redden’s extensive record of robbery, domestic violence, and attempted home invasion, that 19 months to four years in prison would be more appropriate.

When it became clear to Redden that he would be getting prison time instead of probation, he leapt over the desk and attacked Holthus. Video of the incident has gone viral and has been shared across many social media platforms. While Holthus was well enough to return to court the next day to finish sentencing, she and several other members of the court were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, including one courtroom employee who was treated for a dislocated shoulder and a deep gash on his head.

Holthus had ordered Redden to return to court “by any means necessary” to complete the sentencing. She noted that she would not be changing the sentencing in any way and that the attack during the first sentencing court appearance would be handled at a later date by a different judge. Redden was brought into the courtroom, surrounded by guards, shackled with his hands covered in protective padding, and wearing a mesh full-face mask.

His additional charges will include, among them, 7 counts of battery. His family have made statements that they feel he should have been allowed to speak on his own behalf during the original sentencing hearing. His sister, LaDonna Daniels, said he felt betrayed as they were all expecting more lenient sentencing, which caused him to be “triggered.” She believes that his various mental health issues should have been taken into consideration. She added that she thinks anyone who was as upset as her brother was could have made the leap across the desk that he did.

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