So Called “Bird Bandit” In Custody After Knifepoint Robbery

( — The Fairfax County Police Department has finally arrested the peculiar “bird bandit” three months after he robbed someone at a McDonald’s in Fairfax, Virginia. Hector Eduardo Rios allegedly robbed the victim at knifepoint on August 22. The victim’s name has not been released, nor has the amount of money that was supposedly stolen. Surveillance footage shows Rios wearing shorts, a patterned shirt, sandals, and a black cowboy hat. On his hat, two colorful parrots can be seen, and a third parrot is perched on his shoulder.

Rios is being held without bond, and at this time, there is no news of a court date. The quirky criminal has evoked some interest online since the incident in August, but it is not the only time that animals have been innocently involved in crime. A video of a Jungle Myna bird who was trained to find money for its owner has recently been making renewed rounds online, causing some viewers to excitedly ask where they might obtain such useful pets. The Myna bird was seen carrying yuan, so it is likely the footage is from China, and while there is no proof that he was stealing the money he retrieved, it seems reasonable that there are people out there wondering where the bills they left lying on a table might have gone.

Enterprising thieves have used many different ways to use animals in crimes. Over the summer, a man and woman were found to be using a dog as cover to convince residents at a Miami Beach condo building that they belonged in the building. While people are distracted by the cute little dog, the pair simply scoop up all the packages they can from the mail area and then leave with their unwitting canine accomplice and their ill-gotten loot. People with animal companions may often seem more innocent, so regular citizens may be lulled into dropping their guard. These stories highlight that not every pet owner is a good person, and it’s best to be aware of your surroundings and not let yourself be distracted by an adorable furry or feathery face.

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