South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee

( – With the Fort Sumter National Monument as the backdrop, Republican Senator Tim Scott has released a video announcing an exploratory committee to determine the possibility of a run for the highest office in the land. Senator Scott is a black Republican lawmaker from South Carolina, and he chose April 12 to make his announcement because it is the 162nd anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

Scott says the date is significant because America emerged victorious from that experience, having withstood a deep divide. He says that the country is again in a period of political division, and his goal as President of the United States, should he decide to run, would be to heal that separation and bring Americans back together.

Senator Scott says the current Administration fosters a culture among the people emphasizing problems instead of encouraging people to seek greatness. He would rather see citizens take responsibility instead of becoming comfortable as victims with no homeland support.

Surviving poverty and overcoming his own obstacles, Scott offers himself as an example of success, disregarding the Democrats’ opinion of him as a prop for Republicans. He says race is not always the issue, and should not be the cause for divide in America, referencing the controversial topic as agenda-building fodder for Democrats trying to hold on to power.

Working on possibilities for a presidential campaign for quite some time, Senator Scott has been putting together the financial numbers it will take to run for office. He has been strengthening his committees and making stops in states with early voting options.

After visiting Iowa and New Hampshire to measure and raise support, Scott plans to have discussions with potential donors back home in South Carolina. He is counting on millions of dollars in promised support from political action committees and private tech donors, and he says his run for office would be based on forging common ground and unity.

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