South Korea Says North Korea Is Possibly Sending Weapons and Exchanging Strategies With Hamas

( — According to a senior official from South Korea, North Korea is possibly providing weapons, ammunition, and strategic advice to Hamas to aid in the invasion of Israel. The claim originates from the Joint Chief of Staffs in Seoul, and the report indicates North Korea’s involvement in that attack on Israel is a preamble to an invasion of South Korea.

According to specific reports, Hamas fighters use rocket-propelled grenade launchers known as F-7s, a weapon manufactured and used by North Korean military forces. Other reports indicate ammunition commonly used by North Korea is being found along the border between Gaza and Israel, which means North Korea is providing Hamas with ammunition and weaponry to prolong the war with Israel.

South Korean officials fear North Korea’s involvement is to ascertain Hamas’ invasion strategy, which took Israel by surprise despite Israel’s remarkable national security measures. If North Korea uses Hamas’ method of invasion, a global conflict will likely ensue due to South Korea’s status as a key ally to Western nations like the United States.

North Korea isn’t the only nation many fear will become involved in the war between Israel and Hamas, as Iran is receiving warnings from Western leaders to stay out of the conflict. Iran supported Hamas following the attack and remains one of the most significant financial contributors to Hamas’ cause. Despite Iran’s historical support of Hamas, intelligence reports indicate Iran isn’t directly involved in the invasion of Israel. President Biden warned Tehran to “be careful” following the invasion, implying that the United States would become involved if Iran joined Hamas. Iranian officials deny any involvement or intention to join Hamas but regularly speak out in support of Palestine and the destruction of Israel.

According to Iran, the comments by Biden are hypocritical, as the United States is already involved in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Iran claims the United States’ outspoken support of Israel is “military involvement” in the Hamas-Israel conflict and that Washington’s approval of Israel requires punishment. The threats from Iran are vague, but it marks yet another development in the growing tension between the two nations. While the conflict is still developing, it could quickly become a global conflict without an armistice if other nations like Iran or the United States became directly involved.

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